The Procedures Involved In Laser Stretch Mark Removal

stretch mark removalLaser stretch mark removal is one effective way of removing striae The working principle is different and it mainly depends on the nature of these marks, it also has other advantages as it can help improve the tone and the smoothness of the persons skin. Although there is no absolute cure for this condition, this type of surgery gives the best results possible.

Stretch mark removal cream

Since the striae are considered as some form of scarring, it is treated the way normal scars are treated in patients. Light is directed into the area where the stretches are found. This causes some form of disruption beneath skin, this disturbance initiates an healing response from the dermis.

This will make the skin to repair itself on the areas where the striae are located. This process is not particularly painful but because the light focused is intense, the skin can experience some form of superficial damage.

It is advisable to look for an experienced and professional personnel when planning to undergo this procedure. The main risk in this area comes from mishandling of equipment used. Since these beams are very powerful, they can cause a major and permanent damage to the skin if the timing is not done correctly.

Stretch marks

This form of treatment is not selective since it can eliminate all forms of striae. The ones that elicit the best results are the white ones. The results though do not come at once, one has to undergo a series of treatments before the condition is fully treated. The number of sessions mainly depends on the amount of area that needs to be cured or even skin type that is being treated.

After laser stretch mark removal, one is expected to heal within a couple of hours or days. The healing process mainly depends on the intensity of the beams, number of sessions among other factors such as skin type. This also is an advantage of this method since healing is quick.


Benefits of Phen375 fat binder

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Certified to bind fat

In case you are still debating in yourself whether to try the fat binder or not, then you need
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Helps to suppress your appetite

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Can be used for both vegetarian and vegans There are different types of people such as vegetarians and vegans, in case you are
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